The term prophylaxis includes all preventive measures to avoid diseases of the teeth and the periodontium, e.g. caries and periodontitis.

Regular prophylaxis can prevent fillings and significantly increase the life span of dental restorations. As a rule, Professional Dental Cleaning (PDC) should be performed once or twice a year. This type of implant care is particularly important for patients with implants.

Was happens in a PDC?

Professional Dental Cleaning (PDC) goes well beyond the activities that every individual can perform daily on his/her own.

In this process, our specially trained prophylaxis team completely removes all visible soft and mineralised dental plaque from above and below the gums, using both hand-held instruments as well as ultrasonic dental units. Any residual discolouration or stain on the tooth surface is subsequently removed with the help of air abrasion tools. The tooth surfaces are then polished with a prophylaxis paste and a fluoride varnish is applied to protect the enamel.