Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction (CMD) – Functional diagnostics

The temporomandibular joint, teeth and musculature system must be perfectly coordinated. All it takes is a single tooth that has grown too long or a gap between the teeth to disturb the delicate balance. This is known as cranio-mandibular dysfunction (CMD) and can lead to the following complaints:

  • Migraines, headaches

  • Ringing in the ears (e.g. tinnitus) & dizzy spells

  • Muscle pain in the shoulder/neck area & tension

  • Grinding, cracking or pain of the temporomandibular joints

  • Lack of movement of the lower jaw

  • Snoring

Functional analysis

Firstly, the temporomandibular joints, teeth and musculature are closely examined manually and checked for pressure pain, symmetry and cracking or grinding noises. In addition to this clinical examination, an instrumental functional analysis may also be performed. This involves taking impressions to make models of the lower and upper jaw and examining them for misalignments.

Functional therapy

A custom bite splint is made to train and maintain the newly established bite position. Some cases may require interdisciplinary cooperation with specialists or specialist therapists.

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