Endodontics, also known as endodontology or root canal treatment, primarily involves prevention and treatment of diseases of the inner dental tissue (dental pulp).

There are multiple causes for diseased root canals. Deep and undetected caries, cracks in the tooth and root or injuries sustained during an accident, etc. could be possible causes. Inflammation of the dental nerve (pulpitis) mostly manifests itself through extreme sensitivity of the affected tooth, discolouration of the dental crown or swelling of the gums or gingiva.

Endodontic treatment involves measures to rescue the dental pulp and – in case it is no longer possible – to restore healthy conditions in the root canal and adjoining tissues near the root tip. In this procedure, all soft tissue remains are removed from the root canal. It is then cleaned, disinfected and subsequently sealed against bacteria in order to inhibit invasion of new pathogens.

The aim is preserve the tooth as well as protect the body over long-term against health problems that could arise because of a diseased denture.