Dental prostheses

In an ideal world, your own teeth remain with you for the entire lifetime. However, this perfect scenario is not always possible to realise. Nowadays, damaged teeth or complete loss of teeth are by and large not considered a social limitation: Modern dentistry is now able to restore aesthetic appeal and functionality with total dental prostheses and thus ensure quality of life.

Generally, dental prosthodontics differentiates between fixed and removable dental prostheses.

iTero intraoral scanner (digital impression)

Impression-free production and digital analysis of models
In most cases, we can refrain from taking a conventional impression produced by an impression tray and casting compound. The iTero® Intraoral scanner scans the jaw and teeth.

This method is both significantly more comfortable for patients (no gag reflex) and extremely precise.

Fixed dental prostheses

Fixed dental prostheses come closest to the natural dental situation and can therefore restore the normal chewing and speech function almost completely. 

The prosthesis is fitted onto the existing teeth; in doing so, the chewing force is transferred from an adjacent tooth.

  • Bridges

    Fixed dental prostheses that allow replacement of one or more missing teeth are called bridges. Basically, tooth gaps of any size can be closed using bridges. These are anchored to the adjacent crowned teeth. As compared to implants, placing bridges requires no surgical procedure.

  • Crowns

    If the tooth destruction by very deep caries has reached an advanced stage, or because of damages there is the risk that the tooth will break apart, then it is often not possible to reconstruct the tooth with a filling and keep it stable for long. The shape and aesthetic appeal of a tooth can be restored with the help of a crown. This includes capping parts of the tooth or the entire area protruding in the oral cavity, and thus restoring the stability of the tooth.



Removeable dental prostheses

Our clinic no longer considers removable dentures to be permanent prostheses, but only as a temporary solution for a permanent prosthesis.

In exceptional cases, we provide implant-supported, conditionally removable dentures.

Dental prostheses are designed individually and in collaboration with the dental technician in order to achieve excellent functional and aesthetic results.