Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry provides a myriad of beautification options e.g. through veneers, inlays, crowns or bridges. However, the bottom line remains: Durability and stability requires healthy gums. Therefore, there is the concept of “pink aesthetics” in dentistry. Because perfect results can be achieved only when there is harmony between pink and white aesthetics, i.e. beautiful gums and immaculate teeth.

Our goal in the field of aesthetic dentistry is to give your smile a fresh, natural, healthy and vital appearance with beautifully shaped and coloured teeth.


Veneers are ultra-thin, translucent ceramic layers that are mainly adhered to anterior teeth (canines and incisors). They allow rectification of slight tooth displacements or gaps, and also correct tooth discolouration. In this way, the visible tooth surfaces get an optimised appearance.

The custom-made half veneers are bonded to the tooth surface visible from the outside with special adhesive and thus conceal flawed tooth positions, gaps, discolourations and fractures.

Replacement of amalgam fillings

Amalgam was long regarded as an inexpensive, easy-to-process and durable filling material. These attributes led to amalgam being specified by health insurance companies as a filling material for standard dental care.

There has been controversy for years now about whether amalgam is harmful to the body. The fact is that amalgam consists of about 50% mercury, and this should be kept out of the human body as much as possible.

That is why we prefer to treat carious defects with plastic, dental cement, ceramic or gold – all of which are harmless to health, long-lasting and also more aesthetically pleasing. When replacing an amalgam filling, we gently remove the old fillings and replace them with these modern materials.


Teeth can lose their natural colour over the years. The triggers for this could be nicotine consumption or tooth-staining foodstuffs such as coffee, tea or red wine. The result is tooth discolouration or staining, which cannot be removed by professional dental cleaning. However, it is important to many people to have not only a healthy but also a sparkling white set of teeth.

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